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DPR Racing - Failure analysis

We are not aware of any shop that can analyze a cylinder head in such great depth, detail or with the level of scrutiny as we do. We look far beyond the obvious. Our working could be compared to that in a forensics, looking for evidence of problems and potential problems that other shops fail to even look for, so they would never see them, things the customer should be made aware of, but wasn't.

We use illuminated magnifiers, experienced, trained eyes, and hands, and if we find something, magnafluxing, and U.V. dye testing, to help make sure you don't end up stopped, on the shoulder of some deserted road, or with a racer's worst nightmare the dreaded "DNF" or "did not finish".

Having raced professionally ourselves, we know the huge hassle, cost in time, money, frustration and embarrassment caused by an engine failure, so we overlook nothing, when it comes to analyzing a cylinder head.

We examine the casting for cracks, dings, dents, signs of shipping damage, salt water damage(from flooded cars/trucks), rust, corrosion, warping, flatness/straightness, and over all quality. We then remove oil and water plugs, and studs, check for blockages or restrictions, then clean studs and threads checking for bad threads.

We check camshaft journals for more than just size. We also check alignment, oiling problems, cam cap fit, dowel fit, burrs and gauling.

Once we have obtained all our data, and measurements, we begin the diagnosis process, were we determine what, if any, problems are present, what was the most likely cause, is the damage irrepairrable, and can future damage be prevented.

We can accurately tell you that a burr on your number 3 intake cam cap negatively affected lubrication on the number 5 cam journal, and that, combined with your "loose tolerance" engine build, added to the camshaft wear, and metal particles in the oil. We can tell you that at some previous point, your engine was overheated and sludge in the oil channels will be baked on to prove it, despite all the oil changes you've performed, and all the loving care you've provided.

With a thorough diagnosis an analysis of the condition of your cylinder head we can prevent damage that is in process making the cylinder head durable and reliable and influence it's integrity and longevity. That does not mean your engine will blow up down the road, if we don't do anything, but we can be sure that if nothing is done, the road won't take long to get down, and unnecessary grief waits at the end.

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