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Microlon vs. Oil Additives

The Many Uses of Microlon Worldwide

A Product Report

Benifits of Microlon

Microlon Gun Juice

Prices and Ordering

Treatment of Parts



Microlon Application - A Special Parts Treatment

The specially applied MICROLON treatment that REALLY works!"

"Microlon gives our race teams the performance edge they need to get and stay on top, including the " World?s Fastest Progress Auto Civic.", and many, many more...

Microlon can not only help with power output, but also protect the engine and extend its life.

DPR's technicians use a propriatary quartz halogen/application system that imerses the item in a MICROLON bath until the saturation occurs, then "bakes" the MICROLON finish into the surface of the components being treated. The only way to get it out, is to raise the surface temperature to over 800 degrees farienheight, or grind it off! It's there to stay, and it really does work!

Now at the end of our 2010 Season, we thank John Staudt(our Microlon distributor) for his time, efforts and personal investment. DPR completely endorses Microlon's performance and proved it with more than 20 unbelievably successful race teams, nationally and internationally, with track records, land speed, and World speed records, Yes the cat is out of the bag. It's Microlon, It Just Works!

Dan Paramore
CEO DPR Racing Development

Prices and Ordering

Microlon was awarded the "Medaille De Vermeil" at the "Salon Internationale des Techniques et des Idees Nouvelles" in Geneva, Switzerland, This prestigious award representing a first in its class for new product innovation, was presented to Microlon in Geneva in 1978. This is only the 7th time in 100 years the award was made.

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