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SportCompactCar's Magazines' Project Civic EG Mystery?!?!?

Sports Compact Car Magazine's Project Civic EG Baffles exhaust manufacturer, techs, and tuners. By the next issue they found the problem. A rusted old B16A exhaust manifold used on the initial test had a DPR modified unit. After asking Dan Paramore about the manifold, he responded, “I modified that manifold several years ago. At the time it beat over ½ the manufacturers in a header shootout. It upset some manufactures to the point that it was eliminated from the second printing of the article a year later. The modification cost about ¼ of their header system, it also passed smog and never cracked.”

From Sport Compact car magazine Project Civic EG Part 5

“Our header evaluation must be prefaced by saying we took what we assumed was a stock B16 exhaust manifold left over from our 2000 Civic Si project and used from our baseline run forward. Only after we removed it to install the header did we realize the primaries were ported by Dan Paramore, revealed by a little, rusted-over "DPR" engraved at the top of the manifold. We located another stock manifold and re-tested. This is why the baseline run for our header is slightly lower than the previous run in which we tested the AEM intake.”

NOTE: Stock header in Dyno is DPR modified unit.

The link to the complete magazine article at http://www.sportcompactcarweb.com/projectcars/0204scc_civicengine/ no longer show the archived article. We're sorry about that one!

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