DPR / Honda Valkyrie & Goldwing Cylinder Heads

Pocket Port
Includes Complete Visual Inspection
Cylinder Head Deburred
Deshrouded Polished Combustion Chambers
Radiused Blend Seats
Check All Surfaces for Straightness
Hand-Lapped Vacuum-Tested Valve Seats
New Valve Seals Extra
Combustion Chambers C.C.'d
Bowl Port & Polish (behind valve seat)
1 Inch Gasket Match Port & Polish (Intake & Exhaust)
Starting at $900.00 USD (Labor Only)

Pocket Port Plus...
Land Speed Record Holding Cylinder Head Work
Cylinder Head Blueprinted
Detailed Matched Intake Manifold Fully Ported to Head
Matched Throttle Body
Match Port Exhaust Manifolds
Port Faces Lapped Flat (Studs removed and reinstalled)
Decks Milled Lapped (At any amount with no additional charge)
Radiused Cut Seats
Starting at $1900.00 USD (Labor Only)

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